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The bonds we create with our clients are strong, the relationships are collaborative and success is mutual. Our approach is rooted in science and fueled by creativity, this means every decision we make is supported by measurable data that moves you closer to accomplishing your strategic goals. We mix marketing, analytics, and creativity to produce experiences that convert prospects into loyal customers, this is your return on investment (ROI).

When we partner with you, we become stakeholders in your success. And when the TOTHmktg. team greets each morning with the determination to turn data points into ROI, we’re thinking about you and your business. Now, add some science to your success!

Our PRocess: Stage 1

Research & Discovery

With your help, we develop a thorough understanding of your business and its capacity for growth. To get to know your business, your employees and your customers, we review existing reports, ask tough questions in interviews, and compile and crunch the numbers. We seek to understand your business as if it were our own.

Our Process: Stage 2

Formulate Strategy

With your goals and audience in mind, we build a strategy around results-oriented hypotheses. This is where we get creative by asking the 'IF-THEN,' 'WHAT IF' and 'WHY NOT' questions to design engaging memorable conversion points.

Our Process: Stage 3

Test & Launch

Ahead of booster ignition, we ensure that our metrics align closely with your goals. For your launch, we engage your target audience with a set of new digital tools, and then we hold on tight. Why? Because the data that starts pouring in is used to optimize conversion rates.

Our Process: Stage 4

Analyze The Data

Digital marketing campaigns and websites are dynamic, living organisms that react to various stimuli. In pursuit of your goals, we monitor and measure launch effectiveness and engagement, and follow the data where it leads. This data allows us to identify opportunities for maximum optimization and, in turn, maximum return on your investment (ROI).

Our Process: Stage 5

Calibrate & Optimize

When the data speaks, we listen, and we use our creativity to boost its impact. As your audience evolves, so must your strategy and execution. At every step in your audiences' journey, we look for potential roadblocks that get in the way of conversions, and then we blow up the roadblocks.

Our Atomic Structure



Beauty alone can be deceptive, and even skilled marketing agencies fall prey to its spell. We use science AND aesthetics to create engaging experiences for your audience--the types of experiences that turn them into devotees.



At TOTHmktg., our developers build pixel-perfect web pages, robust custom applications, dazzling e-commerce solutions and everything in-between.



Any agency can drive traffic to your site--which is fine, but that’s not enough. Our collaboration allows you to strengthen your relationship with your audience, and that’s what produces long-term results. In a world of immediate gratification, we’re here for you, your customers and your ROI--for the long haul.


Strategy Consulting

When we bond with you, we pursue one audacious goal: exceed your expectations, both in process and results. We want you to be smiling, even laughing, at the end of every meeting. We also want you to know that we build B2B solutions, B2C solutions, and even employee solutions--whatever it takes to ensure your long-term success.

Featured Clients


evidence of awesomeness

"Working with Toth Marketing has been a wonderful experience. We’re building a $400 million mixed-use community with many moving parts, and their ability to tie everything together is crucial to our success.

“We chose Toth Marketing because of their knowledge, creative thinking, and their straight-talk honesty. They have exceeded our expectations of how agencies operate. I highly recommend Toth Marketing."

Maggie Gallagher

Director of Development, The Lake District

"Jason and his team created a site that positions us as a nationwide leader. We couldn’t be more thrilled about the partnership and their continued support."

Phyllis Harris

Executive Director of The LGBT Community Center of Cleveland

"We LOVE LOVE LOVE Toth Marketing! Their refinement of our brand and marketing strategy had an immediate impact on results. We look forward to our meetings with Toth Marketing because we always learn something new, and they help us move the ball forward on key initiatives."

Stacey McVey

Managing Principal, CLEliving

"We engaged Toth Marketing as a Digital Marketing partner, but they quickly grew into our go-to team for everything design, communications, and/or marketing related. They helped us improve User Experience on our existing site, which boosted our conversion rate."

Ritchie Grampp

President, Bluestone Trading Company

"TOTHmktg. blew us away with their transparency, honesty, and creativity. 95% of our e-commerce business comes from B2B sales, but we saw a big opportunity in direct to consumer. They went above and beyond on every project.

“BUT, what impressed me the most was the genuine care they had for us personally and for our business. It’s the first time I partnered with a vendor that really made me feel like they were invested in us. We recommend TOTHmktg. to everyone

Larry May

CEO, Lidstyles

"TOTH Marketing is one of the elite marketing agencies in Cleveland. Trust me when I say that you’ll be working with the best of the best. We love working with Jason and the entire team."

Megan Borling


"Our experience with TOTHmktg. has been exceptional. They have taken our Marketing to a whole new level. Their ability to multitask, deliver on time, exceed expectations and understand our unique brand is a testament to their dedication and commitment to nothing less than the best.

“Jason’s team has never shied away from a task and regularly completes projects early. I would recommend Jason and the TOTHmktg. team to anyone looking to take their Marketing game to the next level. "

Lincoln Coverdale

The Coverdale Team