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The bonds we create with our clients are strong. They are reinforced with respect, trust, integrity, and authenticity. As a result, the collaborative relationships we share have generated mutual success.

Through our experience, we've learned that the proper mixture of design, marketing, data analytics, and strategy combine to create a compound we like to call ROI (Return on Investment). In layman's terms, this means we do what works, not what we like best. We marry form and function to create beautiful and memorable experiences designed to guide your audience to convert. Every decision we make is supported by measurable data that moves you closer to accomplishing your strategic goals. Our approach is rooted in science and fueled by creativity which are the perfect ingredients for making great problem solvers. We wake up every day intent on bringing order to chaos. Climb aboard our rocket ship, we're going somewhere amazing. 

Our Process:

Research & Discovery

This is our opportunity to learn about you and your audience. Through collaboration with you and your stakeholders, we collect information to gain a full understanding of your goals.

Our Process:

Ideation & Strategy

Armed with knowledge we craft a strategy and a plan to accomplish your goals. This is similar to the "hypothesis" stage. Here we make IF/THEN statements centered on results... "IF we narrow our target audience and deliver a tailored message, THEN we can expect conversions to increase 80% in two months."

Our Process:

Test & Launch

The plan is set, time to test our strategy by launching to reach your target audience. Whether we are launching a new website, ad campaign, social media campaign, or sending out an eblast... we ensure all "i's" are dotted and "t's" are crossed. Keep your wits about though, there is no cruise-control on this bus.

Our Process:

Analyze The Data

Digital marketing campaigns and websites are living and breathing organisms that are constantly evolving. With a watchful eye, we monitor and measure performance against your goals, and follow the data where it leads. During this phase, we are closely monitoring effectiveness, efficiency, and engagement. This data helps us understand if/what areas need tweaks, and where the greatest opportunity for optimization is so we can deliver the return on investment (ROI) you've worked so hard for!

Our Process:

Calibrate & Optimize

When the data speaks, we listen. Agnostic to design and creative, we adjust our strategy based on the results. Our purpose in this step is optimizing your return on investment (ROI).

Our Atomic Structure



Unlike most agencies, our approach to design is rooted in aesthetics AND functionality. Every detail is scrutinized to ensure we are creating the best experience possible that engages and leads audiences to convert.



At TOTHmktg, our in-house, expert developers build pixel perfect web pages, robust custom applications, sales focused ecommerce solutions and everything in-between.



When clients decide to work with us, we do not take it lightly. Every dollar spent should contribute to delivering a return on their investment.


Strategy Consulting

Simply put, our clients’ success dictate our success. We are invested, consistently going above and beyond to deliver unparalleled service and results.

Featured Clients


evidence of awesomeness

"Jason and his team created a site that positions us as a nationwide leader. We couldn’t be more thrilled about the partnership and their continued support, which they are providing pro-bono."

Phyllis Harris

Executive director of The LGBT Center of Cleveland