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The Mitochondria to Your Cell

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We are a full-service design and marketing agency here in Cleveland, Ohio. In collaboration with our clients, we use the scientific method and human behavior to develop strategies to sustain long-term growth for their businesses. We produce tangible results by combining beautifully functional design and scientifically sound insights and analysis. It’s a serious process that produces new levels of engagement and higher rates of conversion. And we’re a seriously fun team to work with. Seriously.

we are our values



Honesty and transparency are at the heart of everything we do. We hold our clients accountable. We hold ourselves accountable. And we love straight talk. We genuinely want the best for you--and not just as a client, but as a fellow human and, in time, as a friend. On the journey of your success, could you ask for a more devoted companion?


your champion

Our mantra: "When you succeed, we succeed. Your success is our success.” We live this. We breathe this. And we will do whatever it takes to help you accomplish your goals. How can so many agencies be tone-deaf to the key metric of their clients’ success?


nerds for learning

Above all others, one hypothesis serves as the beacon for TOTHmktg.: “The more you learn, the more you succeed.” To develop new strategies and design awe-inspiring stuff, we keep testing and we keep learning. For the benefit of our clients and ourselves, we live the life of nerds because you don’t know what you don’t know until you know. You know?


People lovers

Whether it's our clients, our team, our partners, our community or all of the above... people come first. We understand the power of relationships and the value of human connections. We know that doing what's right is always the right thing to do. 

We pretty much just wish we were dogs.


Meet our leadership. They would love to meet you.


Jason Toth


I started Toth Marketing because, by nature, I'm driven to do things differently, challenge norms, and solve problems in novel ways. It turns out, these are terrible traits for an employee expected to take orders and do as he's told. These traits, though, are key for entrepreneurial success. So when destiny called, I answered with a resounding "Hell yeah! Let's do this!"

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My 10 years of experience in Marketing, Retail, Sales, Operations and Project Management have given me a unique ability to develop and execute strategies that support the big hairy goals of our clients. We built our culture and our team on this foundation, and we’ve found a method that delivers results. Most importantly, we wholeheartedly believe that our success follows our clients’ success. Period. Climb aboard our rocketship, we’re going to amazing places.

Favorite Scientist: Neil deGrasse Tyson

2 Truths and a Lie:

  • I wrestled an alligator on a $10 bet
  • I adopted a cat named Freddie Spaghetti
  • I got caught in a wildfire while climbing a mountain

TJ Lewis

Creative Director

I grew up in love with art and spent all of my time day-dreaming, drawing, painting, or doodling. I took every art class available to me. My love for beauty and design has shaped the way I approach all sorts of challenges. It's more than creating something visually stunning, it's creating something that solves problems. 

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As a "professional" day-dreamer, I tend to see the world from a variety of perspectives that others would never think of. I use this quality to develop unique, beautiful, functional designs for our clients that actually solve their problems.

Favorite Scientist: Bill Nye

2 Truths and a Lie:

  • I've stuck my hand into a piranha tank
  • I've swam from Put-in-Bay to Catawba Island
  • I'm a published writer

Chris Trumbull

Director of Strategy

I'm the responsible one of the group and keep Jason and TJ in line. As the Director of Strategy, I find unique solutions for our clients and for TOTHmktg., too. With over a decade of experience, my key strengths include recognition of opportunities often missed by others and my ability to forge new strategies for client success in marketing, sales, conversion rate optimization, and user experience.

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In my free time, I like to play volleyball, spend time with my girlfriend Taylor, play with my two dogs, and drink my way through the Winking Lizard Tour of Beers. I’ve completed the tour twice and have the jackets to prove it!

Favorite Scientist: Sheldon Lee Cooper, Ph.D., Sc.D.

2 Truths and a Lie:

  • I can sing along to every Neil Diamond song
  • I suffer from ophiophobia
  • I've never tried a strawberry
Pickles photoshoot! He's kind of a big dill...


Chief Happiness Officer

I am the most adorable team member and the Chief Happiness Officer. What does that mean? When you come in for a meeting, I will be the first to greet you with a wagging tail that makes my whole body wiggle. Does Jason do that? No he does not. I work for treats and I love bites from breakfast sandwiches (bacon, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel please). When I’m not begging for attention, you can find me taking a ...

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nap under TJ’s desk. I only know a couple of tricks. Maybe if you come to the office, I can give you a handshake like a good boy. Who’s a good boy? I am. I am a good boy.

Favorite Scientist: Dr. Dolittle

2 Truths and a Lie:

  • I got peed on by another dog at the dog park
  • I may have killed 3 chickens in one day
  • I'm a good boy... seriously

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Are you hungry?

We are loved

"Working with Toth Marketing has been a wonderful experience. We’re building a $400 million mixed-use community with many moving parts, and their ability to tie everything together is crucial to our success.

“We chose Toth Marketing because of their knowledge, creative thinking, and their straight-talk honesty. They have exceeded our expectations of how agencies operate. I highly recommend Toth Marketing."

Maggie Gallagher

Director of Development, The Lake District

"Jason and his team created a site that positions us as a nationwide leader. We couldn’t be more thrilled about the partnership and their continued support."

Phyllis Harris

Executive Director of The LGBT Community Center of Cleveland

"We LOVE LOVE LOVE Toth Marketing! Their refinement of our brand and marketing strategy had an immediate impact on results. We look forward to our meetings with Toth Marketing because we always learn something new, and they help us move the ball forward on key initiatives."

Stacey McVey

Managing Principal, CLEliving

"We engaged Toth Marketing as a Digital Marketing partner, but they quickly grew into our go-to team for everything design, communications, and/or marketing related. They helped us improve User Experience on our existing site, which boosted our conversion rate."

Ritchie Grampp

President, Bluestone Trading Company

"TOTHmktg. blew us away with their transparency, honesty, and creativity. 95% of our e-commerce business comes from B2B sales, but we saw a big opportunity in direct to consumer. They went above and beyond on every project.

“BUT, what impressed me the most was the genuine care they had for us personally and for our business. It’s the first time I partnered with a vendor that really made me feel like they were invested in us. We recommend TOTHmktg. to everyone

Larry May

CEO, Lidstyles

"TOTH Marketing is one of the elite marketing agencies in Cleveland. Trust me when I say that you’ll be working with the best of the best. We love working with Jason and the entire team."

Megan Borling


"Our experience with TOTHmktg. has been exceptional. They have taken our Marketing to a whole new level. Their ability to multitask, deliver on time, exceed expectations and understand our unique brand is a testament to their dedication and commitment to nothing less than the best.

“Jason’s team has never shied away from a task and regularly completes projects early. I would recommend Jason and the TOTHmktg. team to anyone looking to take their Marketing game to the next level. "

Lincoln Coverdale

The Coverdale Team

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